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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

John Ayers
John Ayers

Rpm Remote Print Manager 2 5 0 2 Serial _TOP_

  • In both cases, RPM generates an error for the client. We tested this with the Microsoft LPR client, which acknowledged the error.We were able to generate occasional crashes in RPM. We traced this to the module which buffers message log entries. Once that was fixed, we sent over 300K jobs to RPM without incident.

  • We included more identifying information in the job parameters field (see job properties in the user interface). We also included information from the copy to queue action which would help identify the origin of a particular job.

  • on 2018-12-13 [blog]We stumbled upon a way to increase database performance when you are processing a large number of jobs. Every 5000 jobs we add, we do a database sweep. We've been doing this every night at midnight. The preliminary results are very encouraging.

  • We also uncovered a job scheduling problem that may explain some of the file problems people have experienced but which are difficult to reproduce. It seemed to happen more frequently with larger jobs. Please refer to this blog post for more details or the installation page with specialized instructions for this update.

  • on 2018-12-10 [blog]In order to stem infrequent but recurring file errors, we have now introduced the following changes to RPM:when we write a file, we now wait until the file actually shows the same number of bytes on disk as the amount we actually wrote, so that the file system won't under-report the file size

  • when we copy a file to the spool folder, we watch the result file until it shows the right number of bytes

  • we have updated some of the message log entries accordingly

  • on 2018-11-26 [blog]In the user interface, we changed the default template for archive jobs from using a ticket id to using the job id; in the future, we hope to make the copy number available as well

  • When a device test fails we now set the device status to the Windows error message; printer devices were being set to "open printer" without an explanation of the problem

  • The device tester now extensively uses critical events, and overall, we've attempted to improve the error messages when devices fail for any reason

  • We track a list of device IDs that are scheduled to test but failed to remove them when the test passed

  • Added a critical event when user credentials fail for any reason

  • / 2018-11-26 [blog]Created critical events:Critical events contain a category and a message; we will display these in the user interface soon

  • Added a critical event handler to record to the database or the event log if the database table is not present

  • Added a critical event handler to send an email if the alerts are set up

  • Added a critical event for PCL to PDF errors

  • Added critical events for database updates and queries

  • Added critical events for a number of license errors

  • If the license is in the trial on startup, we'll monitor the license status hourly and generate a critical event if the trial expires

  • Added a critical event if the MAC address changed from the last time RPM was run

  • Added ActionInit log entries for actions that did not have them; some actions had their own custom messages which we suppressed

  • / 2018-11-20 [blog]In the LPD manager, we changed the filename it was looking for on startup to the one we ended up using. Now the LPD manager recovers any LPD jobs which were not included, should the service terminate for any reason.

  • The raw print action wasn't logging the fact that it completed to the message log.

  • / 2018-11-15 [blog]Eliminated the 'erase socket' message as it's essentially meaningless.

  • The Queue Folders module may report an exception if you remove a queue that was not configured in Queue Folders.

  • Added a file wait operation to our file "open for read" operation because apparently, we can't depend on Windows to actually create the file we just created.

  • Fixed an issue getting the list of aliases for a code page when one of the aliases contained a delimiter character

  • / 2018-11-05 (Release) [blog]Added exception handling to the device tester

  • Improved device tester log messages by adding the device ID

  • Resolved Text Markup to PDF issue where Windows 10 reports "file not found" accessing the HKey_Current_User registry hive

  • Resolved issue parsing code page aliases

  • / 2018-10-19The ticket ID is now being passed to the transforms so they can create unique filenames during processing.

  • / 2018-10-11 (Release)Fixed issue in the LPD protocol object improperly checking for blank metadata files. These metafiles are used to recover jobs if RPM crashed between finishing the connection with a print client and before adding the job.

  • Resolved exception when Queue Folders was attempting to log when closing.

  • Identified and resolved one more boost::filesystem::file_size error. / 2018-10-04 (Release)We made a release because it has the potential to fix several problems that have been issues for several customers. See the notes for immediately below.

rpm remote print manager 2 5 0 2 serial


These cases could be a serial terminal program if the machine isconnected to a local serial port, or a telnet or ssh commandconnecting to a remote console server. Regardless of the case, thecommand simply needs to connect to the serial console and forward thatconnection to standard input and output as any normal terminal programdoes. For example, to use the picocom terminal program on serial device/dev/ttyUSB0 at 115200bps, you would set the variable as follows:


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