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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Entertainment Business Degree Online EXCLUSIVE

The online Entertainment Business Program merges the business and media industries, providing a curriculum focused on marketing, management and entertainment studies. As an online student, your learning environment has the structure of a business school paired with the creativity of entertainment arts.

entertainment business degree online

Earn your Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business online. You have the option to choose a concentration in Music Business or Entertainment Business. Each concentration builds on the foundation of business and management principles under the instruction of industry-experienced professionals. What are you waiting for?

Study business administration and management principles with a practical focus on how that knowledge applies to the entertainment industry. Our program uses an immersive curriculum focused on real-world practices.

The online degree programs are designed to bring the entertainment industry to you. Our industry-experienced instructors share their expertise through our Learning Management System (LMS). This secure, web-based platform allows you to discuss projects with your fellow classmates, submit weekly assignments and watch instructor videos all from wherever you live.

Students can take up the course in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, but there are now many cost-effective online programs that offer it as a degree that is generally comprised of 120 units. Essentially, the objective of the coursework is to develop practical skills in future professionals, such as in accounting and management.

Through the online B.S. in Entertainment Business degree, Full Sail University online students explore how entertainment companies operate using proven and emerging business models and profit from these operations. They examine the complexities in the business practices and marketing strategies in such organizations both on the local and global fronts.

Regent University, an academic institution based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, offers the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies-Theatre that can be completed fully online. Offered to adult learners ages 24 years old and above who can use the schedule flexibility, this online degree educates students in the inner workings of:

The entertainment industry is fueled not only by creativity but also by practical and business skills. Recognizing this fact, globally renowned New York University offers the Stern-Tisch Bachelor of Science in Business and Bachelor of Fine Arts dual degree in Film and Television.

Because a degree in entertainment management prioritizes the business side of the arts and entertainment market, your studies can also help prepare you for roles in business and finance. Some common business careers that entertainment management graduates may pursue are:

There are many leadership roles within the entertainment management industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following careers can benefit from the skill sets learned in an entertainment management degree program.

Although it may be tempting to equate an entertainment business degree with a high salary or specific title, professional opportunities and pay will vary with experience and between geographic locations.

An entertainment business management degree program can give you the opportunity to develop practical skills, like accounting, as well as industry-specific skills, like event coordination. This versatile degree can help prepare you for a diverse range of professional roles.

Yes, an entertainment management bachelor degree is worth it for many students. Many careers associated with a degree in entertainment management have a higher projected employment growth than the national average for all other occupations. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 46% job growth for agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes over the next decade.

Many graduates go on to pursue leadership roles across a range of fields, both in the public and private sectors. It can be helpful to create a list of your professional interests and long-term career goals. Then you can begin researching online entertainment management programs with your personal criteria in mind.

The Music and Entertainment Business (MEBUS) Minor offers three capstone courses in music & entertainment business and marketing, management, production, communication, and entrepreneurship that prepare you for successful careers in the entertainment industry. The MEBUS Minor will help you succeed in the entertainment industry in film and television production, audio and video technology, venue and artist management, and concert and event production.

A key eligibility criteria for this list is that programs are offered completely or mainly online. In circumstances where coursework is offered both online and on-campus, students may be able to complete their degree through a combination of distance learning and in-person classes.

Hands-on experience is a key aspect of education in entertainment management. Not only does this allow you to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world setting, but it is a valuable networking opportunity that can lead to jobs in the field. Even if a program is primarily delivered online, there may be an experiential learning component, such as an internship. Find out what kind of in-person attendance is required by a program before enrolling to ensure that you can accommodate this attendance in your schedule and budget.

An online film degree teaches you how media functions as an industry and how to approach its development, production and distribution processes. This prepares you to become a critical consumer and rigorous scholar of media, both past and present.

Established in 1979, Full Sail University is a private institution of higher education that was formerly known as Full Sail Productions and Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts. The school offers an affordable Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business that combines personal development with essential management and business knowledge. Students learn about various business models and investigate topics like professional selling, event management, global media management, and marketing. On-campus undergraduates can complete the best-value degree program in 20 months, while online students can earn their degrees in 29 months.

Established in 1859, Adrian College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. All students considering a business degree complete a core business curriculum as well as upper-level coursework in a concentration area. Students looking for a low-cost arts, entertainment, and media management degree can pursue the best-value event planning and facilities management degree program. Coursework includes advertising and promotion management, convention and trade show operations, facilities management and event risk management. Other areas of study include event production and operations management as well as the principles of event planning. Graduates are prepared for careers in different industry market segments like fundraising, entertainment, cultural, sports, social, or corporate management.

Established in 1891, Seattle University is a private Jesuit university and the largest independent institution of higher education in the Northwest. SU offers a low-cost arts, entertainment, and media management degree in the form of a best-value Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts with a specialization in arts leadership. The inexpensive degree program is designed for undergraduates looking to administer, manage, or create activities within a specific arts discipline. The curriculum combines traditional classroom studies with a hands-on, five-credit internship in a local arts organization like the Seattle Repertory Theatre or the Seattle Art Museum. Students take courses in fundraising, law, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, business, arts leadership, and the performing and visual arts.

Students looking for a cost-effective arts, entertainment, and media management degree might consider attending Western New England University. Established in 1919 as Northeastern College, Springfield Division, WNEU is a private institution of higher education that offers an affordable arts and entertainment management major. Students complete a common core of management and business courses as well as specialized classes in the major. Areas of study include economics, business law, and venue operations. Undergraduates may also further focus their studies on one of four areas: visual arts, theater, television/film or music. A low-priced dual major in marketing is also available.

Established in 1875 as Shenandoah Seminary, Shenandoah University is a private institution of higher education and one of five United Methodist Church-affiliated universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Shenandoah University offers an affordable Bachelor of Business Administration in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management (AEM) that consists of 42 credits of business core courses in marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and human resource management. Supporting electives in the AEM field cover topics like facility planning and event management, entertainment management, small business management and entrepreneurship, new venture creation and launch, and innovation and design thinking. A business internship is required for graduation.

Established in 1894, Concordia University-Nebraska is a private university affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. One of nine schools that make up the Concordia University System, Concordia offers an affordable degree in arts, entertainment, and media management in the form of a high-value Bachelor of Arts in Arts Administration. The curriculum provides a basic business foundation in finance, marketing, and accounting. Other areas of study include human resources management, arts administration, public relations, accounting, and information systems. Graduates are prepared for careers as office administrators, arts coordinators, assistant professors, and arts administrators. 041b061a72


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