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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Up To You (2018)

Be My Master (2018) (Blu-ray release 2019-2-1) is a new story with new characters. The new protagonist has sex with a married woman. He is then contacted by the husband of her, who threatens him to continue having a sexual relationship with her and heightening her sexual awareness, while regularly reporting the progress via text and photos. He becomes obsessed with her and ignores his own fiancee. The ending is a nice twist that is not the same as but still parallels the first movie in a consistent manner. I think I can comprehend this installment more than the first one, and the mystery keeps me interested.

Up to You (2018)

Up to You (2018) (Blu-ray release 2019-2-1) continues from the second movie, and starts at the scene where it previously ended. The protagonist salvaged his marriage, is now a skillful master and hangs out at a bar with other people with interests in SM. He quickly loses interests in his new slave, and finds another. Things go well for a period of time, but is he satisfied? That is the core question that is examined in this movie. It is contrasted by the growth of the supporting characters at the bar. 041b061a72


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