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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

John Ayers
John Ayers

Samsung S3350 Descargar Facebook Chat: Tips and Tricks to Enjoy Messenger on Your Device

facebook messenger has become one of the most convenient way of communicating, as it allows it users to reach people anytime and anywhere for free. one of the perks of messenger is the ability to send videos. this way, you dont have to share a video on your facebook wall; instead, you can just privately send it to the person or group it is intended for.

Samsung S3350 Descargar Facebook Chat


yes, facebook messenger is a useful app, but bear in mind that it drains battery power very quickly, and asks for a lot of personal information in order to download it. when it was first released, users were essentially forced to download it in order to chat with facebook friends on a mobile device.

your friends, family, and everyone else that you have messaged are reading your messages. there arent any wrongs with this, but whats the big deal with it? each time you write a message, youre putting your private information out there for everyone to see. if your phone gets lost or stolen, the person who gets it will have access to your messages and they could potentially use them to do bad things to you or your loved ones. if someone gets hold of your phone and reads your messages, you can be sure they will take action, like calling the police or even worse. you can make your phone more secure by encrypting your messages, which will prevent anyone from reading them except you. facebook has added this feature to their messenger app, which means that when you use your phone to message someone, your messages will appear as a link to their profile, where they will need to login in order to read your messages.


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