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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

John Ayers
John Ayers


The determination, by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists, that the insecticide jeopardizes 1,399 plants and animals on the endangered species list has prompted no action by the Trump administration to curb its use. Instead, at the request of pesticide companies, the administration has worked to undercut the findings of government scientists and delay all further efforts to assess and reduce the impacts of pesticides on endangered species.


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In addition, the National Marine Fisheries Service found in December 2017 that chlorpyrifos jeopardizes the continued existence of southern resident killer whales and 37 species of salmon, sturgeon and steelhead. But the EPA has refused to take any protective action.

In deciding whether the investment of an amount jeopardizes carrying out the exempt purposes, a determination must be made on an investment-by-investment basis taking into account the foundation's portfolio as a whole. The foundation managers may take into account expected returns, risks of rising and falling prices, and the need for diversification within the investment portfolio. To avoid the tax on jeopardizing investments, foundation managers must carefully analyze potential investments and exercise good business judgment.

Whether an investment jeopardizes the foundation's exempt purposes is determined at the time the investment is made. If the investment was proper when made, it will not be considered a jeopardizing investment even if it later results in loss.

Before the end of this century, climate scenarios project that ambient temperatures will have increased up to 4 C across semi-arid regions; including large parts of South Africa [1, 28]. These changes are expected to alter the hydrological regimes of temporary aquatic ecosystems considerably [29, 30], which compromises their suitability as habitats for aquatic species. In this study, we demonstrated how rising temperatures will not only threaten the persistence of aquatic species by reducing habitat suitability, but by also compromising a common life-history strategy that supports demographic resilience. Once fed into a matrix population model, our findings showed that higher temperatures reduce the survival rates of dormant propagules in a way that jeopardizes the long term persistence of these populations and may lead to the extinction of vulnerable populations.


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