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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition vs Newer Versions: Which One Should You Use? - Software Comparison

if you just installed a clean copy of visual studio, you will see that you can create a project for windows mobile 6.5 or windows mobile 6.5.1, and that there is no support to create windows mobile 6 projects. in order to create windows mobile 6 projects, you must first install the windows mobile 6 sdk. an sdk or software development kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images, and tools to visual studio that let you build applications for a particular target. you need to install these sdks separately because they were released independent and at a later time than visual studio. more sdks and additional emulator images might be available at a later time.

Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition DVD Download Pc

Download Zip:

while you are at it, you might want to update your installation of visual studio 2005 by downloading the latest version of the product. note: if you have an earlier version of visual studio 2005 installed, you will first have to uninstall visual studio 2005. when you have completed the update and installed the new product, you should launch visual studio 2005 and create a new windows mobile 6.0 project.

if you just want to create and build a windows mobile 6.5 or windows mobile 6.5.1 project, you do not need to install any additional sdks or emulator images, because visual studio comes with all the tools you need to create a windows mobile 6.1 project. in this case, you only need to start visual studio 2005, select create a new smart device project and choose either windows mobile 6.1. you will see a familiar dialog where you can select the type of project and select the target platform. click on create to create the project.


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