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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Supernatural Season 2 - Episode 12

Opening Teaser - The episode opens with a breaking news story. A bank in downtown Milwaukee is being held up. Police squad cars are surrounding the building, paramedics are on the scene, helicopters flying overhead, as this is now the third hour of the hold up. The SWAT team is ready to enter, as we see the front door of the bank open up and we see a man being escorted out of the building by Dean, looking frantically at all of the cameras and police cars outside.

Supernatural Season 2 - Episode 12

Hurtling along now on its tracks, the episode starts to fracture, split its time in shorter segments, outside chaos, inside the vault, out in the bank. Like I said 10,000 words ago: the episode is extremely controlled in presenting an extremely OUT of control event.

This episode follows on the heels of two episodes that spent their time resolving the cliffhanger of the midseason finale, and dealing with its fallout. As such, the effects of that resolution are still obvious: Dean and Sam are still in the midst of a falling-out of sorts, hunting separately, with Dean (as usual) crushed by his incessant guilt. As such, the episode itself is somewhere in the limbo between being a monster-of-the-week and attempting to resolve the remaining hanging plot threads from the aforementioned midseason finale.

The twelfth season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on October 13, 2016, on The CW and concluded on May 18, 2017.[1] The season consisted of 23 episodes and aired on Thursdays at 9:00 pm (ET) for the first 8 episodes before moving to 8:00 pm (ET) in January 2017.[2][3] This is the first season with Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer as showrunners.[4] The season follows Sam and Dean dealing with the resurrection of their mother while trying to stop Lucifer from creating a Nephilim, while also being the target of a faction called The British Men of Letters.

Supernatural was renewed for a twelfth season by The CW on March 11, 2016.[27] The twelfth season is the final season to feature Mark A. Sheppard as Crowley as the actor announced in May 2017 he would not be returning for season 13.[28]

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes currently reports a 100% approval rating for Supernatural's twelfth season, with an average rating of 8.48/10 based on 10 reviews. The critics consensus reads, "Twelve seasons in, Supernatural still finds ways to entertain, forging new paths bound to lead to fresh adventures ahead for the Winchester brothers."[29]

But there were still plenty of times in the episode where Claire really got on my nerves, which I guess was the point, because she's the rebellious teen, but I hope her character gets to move past that the next time we see her.

Supernatural is the CW's longest-running sci-fi/fantasy series, accumulating over 300 episodes during its 15-year run. Throughout its fifteen seasons, the show wasn't exactly known for its comedy, more often than not, bringing the audience to tears with some truly gut-wrenching scenes.

Over the show's run, multiple episodes from each season had fans a complete mess by the end. From season one's car crash cliffhanger to multiple beloved character deaths like Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Charlie (Felicia Day), Supernatural was a show that proved over and over again just how much they liked to torture us fans.

It was unknown whether Supernatural would return for season two until two weeks after the finale aired. The episode was full of emotional moments but being unsure whether we'd get closure on everything only made things more upsetting.

The first episode in the two-part season finale ended with Dean and Bobby finding Sam just in time to see him get stabbed. Sam heartbreakingly died in Dean's arms, but perhaps the saddest moment came in the second part with Dean's speech to Sammy after he'd died. Between Jensen's phenomenal acting and the thought of losing Sam, this will always be an emotional watch.

The shortest season of Supernatural brought with it one of the most graphically heartbreaking season finales. After selling his soul the previous year to save Sam, Dean's time is up, and the hellhounds have come to collect.

After Lillith possesses Ruby (Katie Cassidy), she sets the hellhounds on Dean, tearing him apart. Between his pained screams and Sam's cries for it to stop, we couldn't help but cry along with him. Making it worse, the episode ended with Dean screaming for Sam in hell, hooks in his shoulders and covered in blood.

With the fantastic storylines, the introduction of Rob Benedict as Chuck, and the further exploration of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) following the nail-biting season four finale, it's clear to see why this season remains so many people's favorites.

Season five shattered hearts effortlessly with episodes like "Abandon All Hope," which brought the deaths of Ellen and Jo. Only intensifying the pain as the season culminated in a Lucifer-possessed Sam beating Dean to a pulp, killing Castiel and Bobby, and seeing a heartbroken Dean defeated on the ground. And if that wasn't sad enough, a montage of the brothers undoubtedly destroyed any emotional stability that remained.

Following the popularity of season five, season six wasn't everybody's favorite, but it had some great episodes throughout, including "Weekend at Bobby's" and "The French Mistake." The most heartbreaking episode came with the finale after Castiel tore down the wall inside Sam's head.

"Family don't end with blood, boy!" This season three quote remains in the heads of every Supernatural fan even following the show's end back in 2020. The deliverer of this well-known quote was none other than Bobby Singer, the much-loved father figure to Sam and Dean.

"Deaths Door" was a Bobby-centric episode and, throughout its entirety, left fans uncertain whether he would survive following a gunshot wound to the head. Bobby woke up, smiled, and sadly died with his boys by his side, but not before delivering one of his most iconic quotes. "Idjits." Excuse us while we cry all over again.

There seems to be a running theme going, with the saddest episode of Supernatural being the finale of most seasons, and season 8's was no exception. With an episode entitled "Sacrifice," it was bound to be an emotional ride.

The mid-point of season nine saw the beginning of a new struggle for Dean when he took on the Mark of Cain. In a bid to defeat Abaddon, Dean took on the burden of the mark, but it didn't end well for the eldest Winchester.

In the season nine finale, Dean was stabbed through the chest by Metatron (Curtis Armstrong). While leaning heavily on Sam, he stops and tells him, "I'm proud of us," before dying in his brother's arms. Between Sam's pleas for him to wake up to that shocking black eye reveal at the end, this episode was chock-full of emotion.

While it may be season 11's most underrated episode, it was still a hard one to watch without shedding a tear or two. Between Sam being shot in front of Dean and Dean making the hard decision to leave his brother behind, this episode was full of emotional scenes that just kept coming.

Not knowing Sam is alive, Dean decides to kill himself in an attempt to make a deal to bring Sam back. Any episode where the brothers are trying to save each other instantly tugs on our heartstrings, and between Sam's pain and Dean's grief, this one was no exception.

No. This one still hurts to think about even five years on. Not only did we lose Rowena (Ruth Connell), but Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Castiel as well. While Cas would return early in season thirteen, Crowley wouldn't, and at the time, it was unknown if anybody would.

While season twelve didn't lack emotional episodes, none hit as hard as this. Losing not one, not two, but three beloved characters at once in the season twelve finale was a crushing blow, and it came as one hell of a shock. From Rowena's charred remains, Crowley's sacrifice for the boys, and the false hope after Cas made it back through the rift, the painstaking five-month wait for the next season felt more like fifty years.

Following the traumatic events of the season twelve finale, the thirteenth season opener was just as soul-crushing. After Castiel, Crowley, and Kelly's deaths, the boys were reeling from the loss as they tracked down Lucifer's son, Jack (Alexander Calvert).

Jeffrey Dean Morganmade his long-awaited return in this highly anticipated episode, as it had been 12 years since his last appearance. Between John and Mary's reunion and the Winchester family dinner to having to say goodbye once again, this episode was pure heartache all the way through. Someone grab the tissues.

Tag for episode 2X12 "Nightshifter". Sam squints down at his brother. "And if the cops do find us, what exactly is your plan? To fall down from exhaustion and make it easy for them to haul you back in?"

"Reflections," the winter midseason finale of The Winchesters, left us breathing heavy after a series of reveals including Mary (Meg Donnelly) and John's (Drake Rodger) first kiss, Papa Samuel (Tom Welling) saving everyone (for now) by using the Ostium to banish the Akrida, and the surprise tag of a Queen Akrida building her power to return. The series returns today, JAn. 24 on The CW to continue building on those threads with "Hang on to Your Life," the first in a run of six new episodes barreling towards their massive Season 1 finale.

Well, we often looked at the midseason, or the winter break, as a point of inflection. When we were talking about it from an emotional standpoint, we asked, "What are the mysteries from the pilot that are outstanding that need to move forward?" The first one being: Where is Samuel Campbell? But the second one was the more emotional standpoint, which was, "What are these kids doing? Where are they going?"

When we started talking about the longer form of the season, and the series, we didn't want to be afraid to let them get together. The way we've always talked about this from jump, from the first conversation I had with [executive producers] Jensen and Daneel to the most recent conversations I've had with Meg and Drake was, this is a love story. We're going to be dealing with the fallout of that kiss in the second half of the season. But it's not necessarily going to go exactly the way I think people think. 041b061a72


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