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Bloons TD 6 for PC: How to Download and Play on Windows with NoxPlayer

How to Download and Play Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows

If you are a fan of tower defense games, you might have heard of Bloons TD 6, one of the most popular and addictive games in the genre. But did you know that you can also play it on your Windows PC? In this article, we will show you how to download and install Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows, and how to enjoy the game on a bigger screen with better performance.

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What is Bloons TD 6?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Bloons TD 6 is a strategy game developed by ninja kiwi, the creators of the Bloons series. The game is the sixth installment of the Bloons Tower Defense series, which has been around since 2007. The game involves placing various types of monkey towers and heroes along a path to pop the invading balloons (called bloons) before they reach the end. The game features over 20 monkey towers, each with three upgrade paths and unique activated abilities, as well as over a dozen heroes, each with their own skills and personalities. The game also offers a variety of modes, maps, difficulties, and challenges to keep you entertained for hours.

The benefits of playing Bloons TD 6 on PC

While Bloons TD 6 is primarily designed for mobile devices, playing it on PC has many advantages. For instance, you can enjoy:

  • A larger screen that allows you to see more details and plan your strategy better.

  • A smoother gameplay that avoids lagging or crashing issues that might occur on some mobile devices.

  • A more comfortable control scheme that uses your mouse, keyboard, or gamepad instead of touch screen.

  • A more immersive sound experience that enhances the atmosphere and excitement of the game.

  • A more secure way to save your progress and data using cloud services or local storage.

How to Install Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows

The requirements and steps for installing Windows Subsystem for Android

Before you can install Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows, you need to have Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) enabled on your PC. WSA is a feature that allows you to run Android apps on Windows 11 using an emulator. To enable WSA, you need to:

Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for WSA, which are:

  • A processor with at least two cores and virtualization support.

  • At least 8 GB of RAM.

  • At least 15 GB of free disk space.

A graphics card that supports How to Enjoy Bloons TD 6 on PC

The tips and tricks for playing Bloons TD 6 on PC

Now that you have installed Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows, you are ready to have some fun popping bloons. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and enjoy the game more:

  • When in doubt, start with dart monkeys. They are cheap and effective, and can handle the first few rounds easily. You can sell them later for better towers, or upgrade them to powerful variants.

  • Unlock upgrades with XP to make them permanently available to your monkeys. However, dont forget to apply upgrades once your monkeys are placed, they arent automatically applied. Each monkey can only have 5 upgrades total and a max of mixing two of the three paths together.

  • Use your hero monkeys wisely. They have unique abilities and personalities that can make a difference in your strategy. Place them as soon as possible to level them up faster, and choose the one that suits your playstyle best.

  • Experiment with different tower combinations and synergies. Some towers work better together than others, and some can buff or debuff other towers or bloons. For example, the alchemist can enhance the damage of nearby towers, while the ice monkey can slow down or freeze bloons.

  • Use your powers and insta monkeys sparingly. They are limited resources that can help you in a pinch, but they are not essential for winning. Save them for the harder modes or challenges, or when you really need them.

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each bloon type. Some bloons are immune or resistant to certain attacks, while others have special abilities or behaviors. For example, lead bloons can only be popped by sharp or explosive attacks, while camo bloons can only be detected by certain towers or upgrades.

The best features and modes of Bloons TD 6 on PC

Bloons TD 6 is not just a simple tower defense game. It has many features and modes that add variety and challenge to the gameplay. Some of the best features and modes of Bloons TD 6 on PC are:

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  • Boss Events. These are special events that pit you against fearsome boss bloons that have unique abilities and strategies. You need to use your best towers and tactics to defeat them and earn rewards.

  • Odysseys. These are series of maps connected by their theme, rules, and rewards. You need to complete each map with a limited number of towers and lives, and you can earn trophies and monkey money for completing them.

  • Contested Territory. This is a multiplayer mode where you join forces with other players and battle for territory against five other teams. You need to capture tiles on a shared map and compete on the leaderboards.

  • Quests. These are tasks that test your knowledge and skills in various aspects of the game. You can earn monkey money and trophies for completing them.

  • Trophy Store. This is a store where you can spend your trophies to unlock dozens of cosmetic items that let you customize your monkeys, bloons, animations, music, and more.

  • Content Browser. This is a feature that allows you to create your own challenges and odysseys, then share them with other players and check out the most liked and played community content.


Bloons TD 6 is a fun and addictive tower defense game that you can play on your Windows PC with the help of Windows Subsystem for Android and some tools. You can enjoy the game on a larger screen with better performance and more features. You can also challenge yourself with various modes and events, customize your experience with cosmetic items, and create and share your own content with other players. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, Bloons TD 6 is a great choice.

So what are you waiting for? Download and install Bloons TD 6 APK for Windows today and start popping some bloons!


Q1. Is Bloons TD 6 free to play on PC?

A1. No, Bloons TD 6 is not free to play on PC. You need to purchase the game from the Google Play Store or a third-party source before you can install it on your PC. The game costs $4.99 on the Google Play Store, but it might vary depending on your region and currency.

Q2. Can I play Bloons TD 6 online with other players on PC?

A2. Yes, you can play Bloons TD 6 online with other players on PC. The game supports co-op mode, where you can team up with up to three other players and share the same map and resources. You can also play Contested Territory mode, where you can join forces with other players and battle for territory against five other teams.

Q3. How can I update Bloons TD 6 on PC?

A3. You can update Bloons TD 6 on PC by following the same steps as you would on your mobile device. If you installed the game from the Google Play Store, you can check for updates from the app or from the store. If you installed the game from a third-party source, you need to download the latest version of the APK file and install it over the existing one.

Q4. What are the best strategies for Bloons TD 6 on PC?

A4. There is no definitive answer to this question, as different strategies might work better for different players, modes, maps, and difficulties. However, some general tips are:

  • Plan ahead and place your towers strategically to cover as much area as possible.

  • Use a mix of towers that can deal with different types of bloons, such as camo, lead, MOABs, etc.

Upgrade your towers wisely and balance between qua


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