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Andrew Stewart

Buy Data For Iphone

iPhone storage can never be expanded beyond what the phone came with when you purchased it. Buying more iCloud storage does not increase the physical space on your iPhone. iCloud permits you to sync more data with iCloud if you run out of space on the cloud by needing more space than the free 5GB of iCloud space.

buy data for iphone


You cannot buy more storage space on your phone. It will always have the same amount it came with. You can buy space in Apple's synching service iCloud. The only way to create space on the phone is to delete photos, messages, apps., etc.. Be sure to save important photos and data to your computer or an external drive. Check these links...

iCloud+ is the premium subscription that expands your iCloud service with all the storage you need for your data and features like iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and HomeKit Secure Video support.

When you buy an iPhone, you automatically get 5GB of free storage on Apple's iCloud service. But, if that's not enough space for all your photos, documents, messages, and other data, you may need to consider buying more iCloud storage space.

In this edition of Ask Maggie I explain the best and cheapest options for using data only on a smartphone. I also answer some more questions about Verizon Wireless' plan to get rid of its unlimited data service for customers upgrading to its 4G LTE service.

How can I get a data-only service? Hi Maggie,I currently have an iPhone 4 and am looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 5 this fall. I am concerned with the rumors that it will be a different form factor and will have a new dock connector as that will render accessories such as my automobile GPS windshield mount unusable.

Here are a couple of suggestions. First you could save about $20 a month if you sign up for an AT&T family plan. All you'd need to do is create a family plan and add your new device to the plan. For $60 a month you will be able to share a voice service with 550 minutes of talk time. Since a separate individual voice plan would cost you $40, you save $20 by combining voice plans and just using the old phone for data.

Another option for you is to add Wi-Fi hot-spot functionality to your new iPhone 5. For $45 a month, you can get up to 4GB of data to share between your phone and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. If you disable the cellular network on your old iPhone 4 it becomes a Wi-Fi only device.

So you can use the Wi-Fi connection to get access to AT&T's network via your new iPhone 5. If the iPhone 5 supports 4G LTE, as is expected, this means that your old iPhone 4 will be able to download data at true 4G speeds.

Now there are some downsides to this approach. First, it requires that you have your iPhone 5 with you when you want to use data on your iPhone 4 (unless you can find other Wi-Fi Internet connectivity.) But since you're likely to have your iPhone 5 with you anyway, maybe it won't be a big deal to you.

Another option is to get a SIM card for an iPad 4G LTE. Verizon recently confirmed when an LTE SIM card is moved between devices, be it a smartphone to a tablet or Mi-Fi, the data plan tied to that SIM follows along. CNET blogger Jason Cipriani suggests popping out this SIM card and then popping it into your iPhone to get data-only service. Of course, this requires you to get your hands on an iPad SIM card. If you don't have an iPad, this could be a challenge.

Dear Maggie,I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for more than 10 years and can't believe I may have to give up my unlimited data plan. I have two mobile devices on my account with unlimited data. I have a 4G smartphone that I just bought. But my wife still has the 3G phone and isn't eligible for an upgrade until December 2012. When she upgrades to 4G, will I lose my unlimited data even if the account is under my name?

Dear Luke,Verizon hasn't yet disclosed what its policy will be regarding upgrades to 4G and the unlimited data plan. But based on what the company has done in the past, here's what I think will happen.

When your wife upgrades to a 4G device in December, she will have the option to get a new device for a subsidized price. If she chooses the subsidized phone, she will have to give up the unlimited data plan. But this should not affect your unlimited data plan, since the two of you are under separate contracts. You share a data plan, but you each entered into separate contracts when you signed up for the subsidy. Verizon can't change the terms of your contract in the middle of the contract. If it tried to do so, this is likely a significant enough change that you could cancel your service.

When your contract eventually expires, you will be faced with the same decision as your wife. If you want to get a new smartphone for a subsidized price, you'll likely have to give up your unlimited data plan.

As I mentioned above, Verizon hasn't officially announced the change in its pricing policy. The company is expected to announce a family share data plan, which could save you and your family money depending on how much data you actually use. Until we know more details, it's hard to say what the true effect will be. So stay tuned for updates. When Verizon announces its new plans and policies, I'll be covering it!

Dear Maggie,I am a current "grandfathered" unlimited data user on Verizon Wireless. My current phone is a 3G iPhone 4. Let's say Apple releases an iPhone 5 with 4G LTE in the future. Will I be able to keep my unlimited data plan if I pay retail for my new iPhone 5 with 4G LTE?

But given how expensive a new iPhone is likely to be at full retail price, I'm not sure it's really worth it. An unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB is $650. If you get it subsidized by a carrier it's only $200. If you don't use more than 2GB of data per month, which most consumers don't, then it's probably not worth the extra $450.

With a wide spectrum of data plan choices for business or pleasure, GigSky is here for you. No matter what you need mobile data for, we have the perfect solution for you. That is why we have made the technology available on all major platforms: iPhone, Cellular iPad, Android devices, as well as Microsoft tablets!

That said, there are several methods of moving your months' or years' worth of photos, videos, text messages, and other data from an Android device to an iPhone, but I've found the below two to be the most effective, safe, and easy to follow.

Lastly, you can use your Gmail to transfer data via the cloud. This method is ideal if there are any extra files that you forgot to move over during the first method or you had already set up your iPhone and couldn't use Move to iOS.

Look for the Google tab, tap Backup, and toggle on what categories you'd like to be synced across devices. You can double-check what's being copied by expanding Google Account data in the Backup details list. Wait until the backup sync is completed.

Open up the iPhone's settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > and enter your Gmail credentials. The data from your Google account should sync with the iPhone and automatically begin importing.

(AP) -- Data storage company NetApp Inc. said Wednesday it agreed to buy data backup and disaster recovery systems provider Data Domain Inc. for $25 per share in cash and stock, or about $1.5 billion. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1449240174198-2'); ); The purchase price represents a percent premium to Data Domain's Wednesday closing price of $17.91. Shares of Santa Clara, Calif.-based Data Domain surged $6.34, or 35.4 percent, to $24.25 in after-hours trading following the announcement.

When that storage space fills, you get a warning from the iPhone. The warning means you have to delete something in order for your iPhone to store any new data. Usually, the solution is to delete photos, because they use up more storage space than other phone data, such as email.

MoneySuperMarket data shows that when the iPhone 6 was released, there was a 9% drop on contract prices for its predecessor model (iPhone 5s) during the launch month and a 12% drop in price for a SIM free handset. You can view all iPhone deals here. 041b061a72


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