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Where Can I Buy Seventh Generation Diapers ((NEW))

Health is really where this diaper shines, making it a pull for any parent concerned about what's in the diaper and what is continuously touching baby's skin. Only a few other diapers offer the same level of attention to health. This diaper is totally chlorine-free (TCF) and free of lotions and perfumes. They don't mention anything about dyes, but there are pigments you can see, including a brown base to make it look natural, and some cute pictures printed on the outside. Seventh Generation provides a full disclosure list of ingredients, which we think should be the norm so parents can make informed choices.

where can i buy seventh generation diapers

I have used honest company and seventh generation diapers. I hated the honest companys diapers, my son would have blowouts and after only 2hrs his diaper would be soaked. Not only are they pricy but they are rough and there absorbency is comparable to generic brands. I was lucky enough to get a sample of the seventh generation diapers and they honestly are the best for my little guys needs. The first thing I noticed was how soft the inner liner was and how cute the new design is. Since using seventh generation my little man can sleep through the night and wakes up dry plus we have had zero blowouts. I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

It might be worth noting that seventh gen, honest, and whole foods are CRUELTY Free (no animal testing- which no the testing done is not humane and it does not involve being put in cute diapers.) Cruelty free is is all we should buy for cleaning,cosmetics, and baby because ALL babies should be safe, not just human babies.

We cloth diaper most of the time but at night and in the car use disposables. I won a case of Bambo nature and LOVED them. They do run big but never leaked. I have some 7th generation diapers I won those will be for emergency I guess ha. Loved the video 041b061a72


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