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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery Serial Number: What You Need to Know Before Ordering and Activating a License

when the utility starts, it displays the list of all storage devices connected to the computer. the list is divided into two sections: storage properties and selected device. the former shows for each storage the following properties: its name, location (formatted drive letters will be shown), capacity, number of sectors, volume id, geometry, partitions status, file system and its version. the latter includes a detailed preview of the storage and its content. each entry is accompanied by an icon representing its type (physical, logical or hidden) and the status (one of the following: damaged, read-only, locked or successfully repaired). below each storage there are buttons to eject and change its properties (volume id, location, protected, etc.). you can also use the contextual menu (the right-mouse button) to open the location of the storage in a file manager or to create a new virtual drive, in case the storage is empty.

ufs explorer standard recovery serial number


the program includes a number of recovery tools, including: local file scanner, file recovery, file recovery engine, data recovery, file recovery engine (s.m.a.r.t. scanner), data recovery wizard, system repair, etc. among them, the file recovery, file recovery engine and data recovery tools can be used to recover lost and deleted data from local or remote physical and logical storages, including internal and external hard disks, flash drives, memory cards, etc. the file recovery and data recovery tools are able to find and restore data from a wide range of storage devices including: usb flash drives, memory cards, partitions or entire drives, local, external and network attached hard disks, optical media (cds, dvds, etc.), external raid systems, as well as virtual machines and disk images. thanks to their intelligent algorithms, the file recovery and data recovery tools are able to automatically find and recover the specified files regardless of their type, size and the damage to the storage medium. also, they can quickly scan damaged areas of the storage to find deleted files and folders. the file recovery tool uses a set of algorithms to scan the partitions or the entire storage and extract the lost data from damaged sectors. the data recovery tool is able to scan the whole drive and detect all the data that was stored there. if the lost or deleted data is found, the program will list them and let the user choose which one to restore.


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