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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

A1ctl Utility Download Free ((HOT))

It's no easy task to modify an Atom processor to overclock it, which is why most compter owners stick with factory-overclocked settings. However, if you want to see what you're capable of, this article gives step-by-step instructions for overclocking an Aspire One. Moreover, the Atom Power Control utility ( ) also lets you tweak your Atom's speed.

a1ctl utility download free

The PRW8TRM has provided us with the information that lets us tell you how to get started. Install this utility, and then run the SetFSB.exe file. Then begin to dial down the "fSB" knob by turning it clockwise until the CPU speed starts to drop down.

Since only one post was made on the subject back in January 2009, it seems unlikely that anyone has reported that this method fixes the problem. However, if you're having a similar or different problem, we encourage you to comment and help us to help you. Feel free to contact us by email, or if you have a Skype account.

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Difficulty level: High. Twain had to figure out which really tiny resistor on the motherboard was doing the locking, cut out the resistor, and then use a soldering iron with a super-small tip to resolder the piece in a different location. Then he had to run the SetFSB utility. For those handy with a soldering iron who are confident that they can follow Twain's pictures and instructions, good luck. Others should keep well away.


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