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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Te-tris Lot 2011 Album HOT! Download

  • OutRun meaning: A modern retro design trend which takes its name probably from the old arcade game "Out run". The game had a chrome-like logo which is emblematic for the 80s futuristic design style. OutRun was also the name of the debut album of the french artist Kavinsky (Vincent Belorgey). His music is greatly influenced by the 1980s music and is considered representative for synthwave music. Kavinsky's music achieved mainstream recognition after it was chosen for the 2011 film Drive, starring Ryan Gossling. Download the 80s font for Drive 2011: Dancing Script OT (FREE)

Te-tris Lot 2011 Album Download


The synthwave movement is associated with forever young and rebel spirits. So, the race car symbol is not really hard to explain. The artist Kavinsky drives a Ferrari Testarossa - a classic retro car - and was inspired by this car for his first album "Testarossa Autodrive". The movie Drive 2011 only came to build up on the symbolism of speed and old sport cars in synthwave.


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