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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Use Any DVD-ROM With A Modded Xbox

Still rocking 2 original xbox modded. One with an Xecuter X3 with front control panel and one withe a Xenium gold. Use them for emulators. XBMP was life for a while until XBMC forked, then used that as my primary dash.

Use Any DVD-ROM With a Modded Xbox

Download Zip:

It may be worth pointing out that Xbox modding, or more specifically XBMC, is essentially the birth mother of a lot of current streaming services,and hardware, and obviously Kodi. It laid the grounds for everything from Netflix, to the Amazon FireTV and everything in between. This pretty much set the bar on how to do it, and that people really do want these things. A modded Xbox running XBMC was without a doubt the inspiration for a lot of todays streaming hardware, and XBMC is without a doubt a huge inspiration behind how we use that tech.

I had a bad drive in my xbox, and I replaced it with a new drive (of the same type). I took the daughter-board from the faulty drive and transplanted it to the good drive. It involved stripping down both drives, disconnecting 2 ribbon cables and unsoldering about 8 wires, transplanting the daughter-board - and resoldering the wires. Then reassembling. It worked for me, anyway.

The DVD drive logic board is a necessary part in order for an unmodified or softmodded Xbox to boot up. In hardmodded systems that use a custom BIOS, the drive check will be skipped, allowing your console to function normally without it.

1.) Buy an LG 8164 (best I could find was at -GDR-8164B-DVD-Drive-100-Tested-For-RawDump_W0QQitemZ310056810290QQihZ021QQcategoryZ3754QQcmdZViewItem , I suggest offering him $35-$40), then buy a solderless 9164 adapter (from Divineo, -bin/div-us/zz-xb-81new ), putting the two together and replacing your old one. Advantages to this: MUCH faster read speeds, works with all kinds of media, reads original XBOX games on an unmodded or modded XBOX, basically perfect.

Because the original ROM contents are stored in areprogrammable Flash chip on the Xbox board, it also is possible tooverwrite the Flash contents in order to have a permanently moddedmachine, without installing any additional hardware devices. Thiscan be done by installing a modchip, bridging two pairs of pointson the board to disable the write protection of the Flash IC,running Linux, disabling the modchip and, finally, running anapplication called raincoat in Linux to reprogram the onboardFlash. Now, the modchip can be removed permanently, so you can useone modchip to convert a lot of Xboxes to Linux.

With a modded Xbox, a keyboard and a mouse, you now canchoose either to build Xbox Linux yourself or to take one of ourprebuilt installations. At the moment, Xbox Linux offers three maindistributions: Mandrake, Debian and the Xbox Linux Live System. Thelatter is a version of Linux without X but with Trolltech's Qtopia.It does not install into the hard disk, and it can be controlledwith an Xbox controller. It is supposed to give newbies animpression of the possibilities available with Linux. Mandrake andDebian are full distributions that install into the hard disk.Mandrake 9.0 is available now, and 9.1 will be available soon. Bothare based on the PC versions of Mandrake Linux and are 100%compatible with them and their RPM packages. They contain GNOME,KDE and many popular applications. The Xbox version of Debian canbe booted into X from CD, but it also can be installed to harddisk. Debian has smaller release cycles and is updated more often,therefore it is used by most developers.

With a minimal patch for the ALSA sound system, againavailable from the Xbox Linux CVS, the Xbox sound hardware can workwith the i810 driver. The binary-only network driver for the NVIDIAnForce card, which you can download from the NVIDIA web site, workson the Xbox without any modification. An SMBus driver is needed ifyou want to enable the eject fix or to access the 256 bytes ofEEPROM on the motherboard. You can use either the i2c-xbox modulein the Xbox Linux CVS or the amd-756 module from the lm_sensorsproject. Both work equally well.


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