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Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Ultrakey 6 - Bytes Of Learning (Touch Typing)

The concern is massive and I am here to help you out for the same. Here is a list of some of the best typing learning software for anyone of any age who wants to learn typing. From beginner to the journey of becoming a pro at typing, you can travel it in just a few days through these amazing typing software.

Ultrakey 6 - Bytes of Learning (Touch Typing)

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The list of best typing software starts from the Typing Master 10 on the first position. This is a software intended for learning to develop and improve typing skills for various commercial and personal purposes. You can literally double up your typing speed through the tips and tricks provided by this software.

The other plans here Standard for $9.90, Premium for $14.90 and paid Business plan too with varying features and number of learning lessons. Well, talking about the overall features then you get various typing courses, typing meter, typing tests, courses in different languages, ad-blocking and step by step professional keyboarding.

This software works in the form of leveling and you are supposed to move ahead from easy to difficult stage. For a start, you will be learning home keys and neighboring keys and then you will proceed to capitalization, punctuations, which later on moves to poetry, lessons and advanced typing tests.

You cannot call this to be a software as it works in the form of a site. Still I found this important to list out this amongst the best typing software because of the simplicity factor. I found this site to be one of the unique ideas behind learning typing accuracies and speed enhancing skills.

With its copyrighted learning method, KAZ keyboarding online typing course brings the fastest results to its users. You will learn A-Z keys in 90 minutes and the whole keyboard in 4 hours, astonishing results will follow soon.

With the support for over 28 keyboard layouts, this typing software will come in handy for those learning to touch type in foreign languages as well as English. The program itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

KAZ takes care of their customers and the team of developers does everything in their power to cater to the largest number of users. That is why the typing software was created for typists specializing in both American and British English language. And we mean this not only in terms of keyboards but also vocabularies and voice support. It does not end there. The KAZ program, both its Junior and Adult version, are SEN-enabled, meaning even users who find learning challenging, like dyslexic people, will be able to use it.

Although a little outdated in terms of design, the Typing Instructor Platinum 21 is very effective as a typing course for both adults and kids, you will see the first results literally in no time, upon completion of the first couple lessons. This typing tutor is easy to navigate thanks to its large icons and explanations at the center bottom of the window. Before each new stage in your learning at the beginner level, you will be given instructions on how to place your fingers to type the right way, what finger to use for which key on your keyboard. You will start each lesson with basic key combinations then proceed to words and short sentences. At the end of each lesson, there is a game-like test unique for each lesson and a random words test. You won't even notice the passage of time with how engaging this all is and will start touch typing sooner than with most competitor typing software.

UltraKey has introduction movies to all the menus and lessons. Some of them are the 3D virtual reality models and some are actual movies of real typists doing the, well, typing. Depending on what you are learning at the moment, the program will show you the relevant movie. Upon lesson completion, you will need to pass the test on the letters learned with the results reaching or exceeding your current goal. The next lesson cannot be opened until you master the current one. It is an effective approach if a little boring after hours spent practicing and retaking the test.

Ultrakey is another typing software that is much effective and reliable to learn typing. It is a cloud-based typing software it means, it gives you ability to communicate with UltraKey records, whether they are housed within a school or district, or they are hosted by Bytes of Learning. Ultrakey engages you with the voice, video, animated graphics, and a clear path of learning.

It is a free typing tutor software to learn and improve your typing skills. You can start from very basic learning of typing like Home Keys for index, middle and pinky fingers and practice lessons including poetry, prose and drills. You can practice various lesson provide by Keyblaze to enhance your skills more. It is available for almost all version of Windows(10, 8, 8.1, 7, vista).

UltraKey is the best typing coach you can get because it clearly demonstrates each new skill and rapidly builds typing technique. With 8 hours use, 20 minutes a day, you will be touch-typing better than you ever thought you could.Even though UltraKey is not a game, children love it because UltraKey engages them using voice, video, animated graphics, and a clear path of learning. Most important, the children achieve success with UltraKey .

KAZ elaborated as Keyboarding A-Z. This software is the most advanced teaching and learning method. This is one of the best typing software as it has a quick learning process; it just takes 90 minutes to learn A-Z keypad and only 4 hours for the whole keyboard. is one of the best typing software for the beginners, and for teachers who want to make their students expert in typing skills. Themes and interactive lessons help to engage you in learning accuracy in typing.

This app gives you clear instructions with fun-loving learning lessons. Teachers can accompany the whole class and able to keep records of every activity of the students. One of the main reasons to use this app is that it is the best typing programmer for free.

UltraKey is one of the most powerful software as it provides its users with reporting tools for educators. This is the best typing tutor software, and it is developed by educated professionals. UltraKey helps users to set their goal which is very important in the way of learning and success.

UltraKey is individualized learning and practice. You can choose from several different levels from beginner to very advanced. Many different options are available for challenge levels and the amount of practice can be tweaked to your individual preferences. It helps identify remedial problems and offers help if needed. Other ways UltraKey encourages progress is that it praises the student as typing improves and congratulates students when goals are achieved.

Bytes of Learning (opens in new tab)Booth 355Bytes of Learning will introduce UltraKey Online build 198 with Content Management, which allows districts, schools, teachers and family managers to use their own typing practice and test material, and to assign selected content to students. Content Management complements the powerful administration and learning management tools previously released in the product series. 350c69d7ab


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