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30 Second Explainer Videos

Which is strange since shorter videos are usually easier to make, can be promoted in more places, and tend to have higher engagement, conversion and completion rates over longer videos.

30 Second Explainer Videos

With eight dots as freckles, this Contiki video relies on simplicity, humor and a touch of gore to connect with viewers. Most of the video is spent trying to put smiles on faces, and only about 10 seconds dedicated to an actual product pitch.

Since 2012, Sharp Eye Animation has been making short, to-the-point videos for startups, enterprise companies and everyone in between. We distill your most important messages into an engaging and memorable video.

Many clients who contact us often grossly underestimate the length of their scripts. For example, they might send us a dense, one-page Word document that they consider their script draft and estimate it to be around 30 seconds. Not even close. Keep in mind that the typical word count for a 30 second explainer video is around 75-80 words max.

Did you know 30-second explainer videos are not only a great choice to explain how a product or service works but also to share recent innovations with your customers? In this piece, Starbucks introduces its borrow and return system and quickly shows how it works. And you know what the best part is? They do so in less than 30 seconds!

When you only have a few seconds to say your piece, you have to choose what information to focus on. For this piece we made for our friends a PomVom, we only needed a couple of sentences to convey what the solution is and what benefits it brings. It might not sound like a lot, but with attention spans now being shorter than ever, short pieces with key information are crucial to reaching your audience and engaging them.

Even though I always preach about the importance of finding a professional voiceover artist for your explainer video, I have to admit that there are times when you can do without one. In this piece, Asana takes the viewer on a tour of their new, fully customizable home page, showing them everything they can do with it.

Gone are the days when you would need to publish plenty of long-form videos to get the attention of your target customers. These days, all you need is a short, high-quality explainer video to get your point across and gain traction with your audience.

This explainer video shows off an image of the American Express Gold card, both at the beginning and towards the end of the video, as a means to proper branding and creating a good impression in the eyes of the viewers. By using a constant theme but changing the scenes frequently, they have ensured most viewers will find the video fresh and engaging till the end. Most importantly, the video does a good job of showcasing the top benefits that come with the product.

Just like every other crucial element in a marketing funnel that relies on digital media in any capacity, explainer videos have their place. However, they must be crafted with great attention to detail, keeping in mind their purpose, the target audience, and where they will be used.

To help prove what's possible in short timescales we have developed a list of six explainer videos that deliver their message effectively in just 30 seconds. These examples should provide you with plenty of inspiration!

This explainer for Instapay is a great example of how you can fit a lot of information into a short amount of time. The explainer immediately identifies the problem audience faces, as well as directly addressing their target audience.

The video explains exactly what the process is step by step and gives a lot of information in just 30 seconds! They could have over complicated this by going into depth about how their company operates, or details about cost and time, but instead, they keep to the basics and answer the core questions. This shows that no matter your explainer video length, you can still pack in a lot of info.

Werlabs show how their application works in a simple way in this 30 second explainer video. They cover all the key aspects of the service and give the audience a clear idea of what they need to do next to use the service.

When you are thinking of explainer video ideas, it's important to be aware of what might make your audience unsure of your prod'uct or service and then make sure these questions are answered. Although you might not be taking blood with a scary needle, you may have other pain points which can be quickly and easily covered in a 30 second explainer video.

Despite the explainer video's length it quickly identifies their 3 core audiences (people planning to retire, homeowners and those who do their own taxes), and offers a helpful solution to their problems.

The simple style of the video makes the complex topic of finance easy to access for everyone, which is important to think about during explainer video production. If your audience isn't familiar with the complex ideas that your service aims to make easier, going into too much detail could confuse them and deter them from using your service.

If you're looking to get an explainer video, don't be afraid of working to a shorter time frame. If done well, explainer video length won't matter and your brand's story will still come across. If the explainer also includes an effective call to action and next steps for your viewer, they know exactly where and how they can get more information if they still have questions after your 30 second video.

MYBOOKIE are a betting app designed for those who want to experience the thrill of betting in Vegas, with Vegas odds, but can't actually be there. This explainer draws the audience in with a topic they know and love - American Football, and after building hype, explain how you can feel the same hype of betting on the games without having to leave your sofa.

In 30 seconds the audience learns what the sport is, what the app provides and how they can get the app themselves. The use of images, video and text further supplements this and gives extra emphasis to the voice over.

You can achieve a lot in 30 seconds, don't you think? All the explainers above are excellent examples of how your brand can get across any key point in 30 seconds or less, with the help of strong visuals and an effective voice over.

An explainer video is a short video (animated or live action) that makes it easy to understand something new. They are also used as a powerful online advertising tool that enables businesses to deliver a key message to their target audience, quickly. By combining a voiceover with engaging visuals, the viewer is also more likely to retain content from the video. Media outlets tend to produce longer, informative explainer videos that can be 3-20+ minutes long. Businesses on the other hand tend to create explainer videos that are 30 seconds long or 1-2 minutes long.

30 second explainer videos can help your marketing in a variety of ways. You can use them to generate more awareness for your business. They can be used to educate customers about a new product/service or how to use it. You can even use them to generate more leads and sales while boosting SEO on your website!

As you draft the script for your 30 second animated video, include notes that describe the corresponding visuals. This will help you keep the script concise because you can show something instead of using a lot of words to say something.

How do you ensure you get the most out of your 30 second explainer video? Have a compelling hook and focus on being concise. It is very important that you identify the key message of your video before you begin production because you only have 80 words (and 30 seconds of beautiful animated imagery) to get your point across.

For 30 second explainer videos, companies can focus on their new product, latest service offering, or new company initiative. It is also important to focus on what type of explainer video your business wants to create.

The video provides a powerful narrative while using simple animation to clearly communicate the company's goal. To communicate a message, being simple is generally the best route to take in 30 second explainer videos.

As the animated explainer video takes customers through their journey with the app with visual metaphors, it uses a clear and catchy voiceover for directions and creative sound effects to grab the attention of viewers.

30 second explainer videos are the perfect shareables. While your explainer video will likely be hosted right on your webpage, it is important for you to share it on social media and other platforms to drive attention and traffic.

While the videos are already short, you can also invest in more clips to bring attention. For example, if your video is talking about a new product, you can share a short clip on Instagram about what the product does as opposed to sharing the full 30 second explainer video.

In 30 seconds PrescribeWellness managed to explain exactly what they do without leaving out any details. The authoritative narrator is also incredibly handy in demanding viewers attention immediately from beginning to end.

The voiceover is written in a way that speaks directly to Instagrammers, in regard to both what the voiceover is saying and how she says it. Even the short 30 second length keeps the audience in mind as these are likely busy people with a short attention span.

This Fiverr explainer video kicks things off with a great soundtrack. The storyline, all about the Fiverr journey, follows four different entrepreneurs as they use the platform to get their businesses up and running.

The makers of the Unroll.Me app identified a problem that affects almost all of us: junk email. Their explainer video focuses on that problem by showcasing testimonials from six disparate people recounting their frustrating experiences with junk mail. It does what many effective ads have done in the past, by showing the people using the product in question.

In just 30 seconds Unroll.Me hammers home the overarching theme of the video, which is ease of use. The viewer sees first hand how easy it is to unsubscribe from junk email lists simply by swiping the app. 041b061a72


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