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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)


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Sort of like a sexed-up version of The Rules, mixed with a little Swell, The Bunny Book eases you into Heffner-honed advice with sections on grooming, how to dress, and how to hold a drink before delving into the nitty-gritty sex stuff (anal and all). Though you might not want to take the tome out in public (considering the hot pink cover and candy-coloured pages), with illustrations by Annabelle Jasmin Verhoye, it's fine for home-based consumption. The verbiage leaves something to be desired and features an overabundance of words like coochie, tushy and titties, but the advice itself is fairly realistic and not unlike anything you might find in a popular women's mag. Think Cosmo. Believe it or not, Bunnies don't like to weigh themselves, they're big on safety, and they're "hopeful about monogamy" even though they "don't think people are naturally monogamous." Most importantly, they're down with personal choice. They espouse, more than once, that what's right for one woman, may not be right for another. Even post-feminist independent types might find it tough not to get sucked in; after all, you've got to admit, many women still want to be pretty and desired. Of course, even Bunnies aren't ready to admit that their top concern is snaring men. This book tells the sad and oft-repeated lie about sexual (read, slutty) behavior being all about female empowerment, but so what? The Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll reality TV series did the same thing and it was a huge hit.

Blank is earnest about her subject and has done her homework about "virgin heritage," from Mary "the most forgettable virgin in history" to the wealthy Christian women who started monasteries to the stars of the teen TV drama 90210. In the book, she makes interesting socio-political comments about the economic value of virgins through the ages as "breeding sheep" in waiting, medical guinea-pigs, mentally-diseased freaks, icons, objects for sex tourism and pawns of religious right conservatives. You'll also be amazed to learn, in great detail, the physiology of hymens, which serve no known physical purpose, and are more like pasta strainers than the skin of a drum. Some are so thin that they won't last a round of childhood doctor-playing while others survive childbirth! Conspicuously missing from the book is historic and current information about Middle and Far Eastern cultures. Interviews with modern-day virgins are also absent. And that's a shame, particularly with the recent proof that U.S. abstinence-based programs are failing miserably. It would have been great to hear from a few card-carrying virginity pledgers, lapsed or otherwise. Their absence actually supports the continued mystique about and objectification of virgins. This book is informative, but a dry read and a tough nut to crack. Maybe it's appropriate that it haunted my bedside table, untouched for months, collecting dust. 041b061a72


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