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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

[S2E9] Uncharted Territory

We are now in uncharted territory and this week's episode just made it more so. Let's take a brief look at what went down in the episode before we figure out what this means for the rest of the season.

[S2E9] Uncharted Territory

One of the boys talked about the special variety tv show that will return this year. The blond guy read about the idols, comedians, Tokyo Univesity students, and the strongest kids. They also discover about the uncharted territory that the celebs have to survive. Ryo wonders about uncharted territory, and the leader explains that they will be clearing tasks while serving an uninhabited island, and they will compete based on total points. The boys realize that the challenge is real since the title states survival. Ken said that it would be the perfect time to show his NEET-era survival skills to good use. Mamoru teases him that he lost before, and now he is bragging. The leader asks Ryota what he thinks.

As Season 2 of Primal kicked off, Spear and Fang found themselves navigating treacherous and uncharted territory. They took to the high seas as Spear wanted to get Mira back from slavers, thinking maybe this could be his second shot at a human family. Unfortunately, the ocean wasn't too kind, with a storm and giant shark almost taking the duo out in Episode 1, "Sea of Despair." 041b061a72


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