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Buy Canon T6

I wish canon would release a successor to the 100D/ SL1 instead of this. That one was a pretty good camera, and nicer than this. Not to mention very light (in weight and in cost) and great in quality. The weight and size is great for people like me with small hands and it's perfect for traveling. And it's better than the four digit 1xxxD series. At nearly the same cost. Why can't they continue the 100D / SL1 line instead of this?

buy canon t6


Honestly. I rather buy a 5 year old mirrorless than this. It's hard to believe that a giant like canon release a new camera like this 2016. It's nothing new and they could have had made this five years ago and still sold it. This is only for people who want the brand. At dslr's pentax is shining.

@dpr4bbyou are joking, right?! This "kitlens" sold with the 1300D is the very old (and cheap) canon 18-55/3.5-5.6 IS II, which is inferior -and way older- than the already 3 year old 18-55/3.5-5.6 STM, which i do own & use.

But when I'm buying a DSLR / iLC, I have to factor in the "entire system" behind it:(1) plethora of lens (2) quiet-video-lens (3) availability, can buy it anyways (4) world-wide service & repair (5) etc..... While Canon T6 is an inferior camera compare to the competition, its is however, a cheap Entry into the entire Canon System. That is why canon T6, inspite of its lack of specs, will still outsold any Pentax out there.

naththo, you really think the 18mp canon sensor from nearly a decade ago which isn't even quite APS-C sized is going to have better high ISO performance than a modern Sony 24mp APS-C sensor with a -0.3 EV light loss in front of it? Really?

and is by the far the worst sensor on the market. every other manufacturer uses the newest and best sensor in all of their camera lineup. only canon deliberately cripples their lower end models and hopes uninformed people will buy...

Fuji is still using the 16mp sensor that has been around for a while in almost all of their cameras. Just the xpro2 and soon to be xt2 have a newer sensor. The x70 still uses the 16mp sensor. So canon is not the only manufacturer to stick with a certain sensor.

just to clarify - yes, other manufacturers use older sensors in their current lineup but when a new sensor hits the market in some of their top models they use that sensor in all of their new cameras. unlike canon that recycles old tech time after time even tho they have new generation of sensors.@osan - man, you are just mad cause I am right, right? :) Not hating Canon. I think their 80D is a wonderful camera. just stating the obvious - they deliberately cripple their lower line models and other manufacturers have much more capable cameras in the same price range.

Claiming that they deliberately cripple is a very sane statement Hellraiser. You should run canon by yourself you seem to know everything. "Deliberately crippling" might actually be cost cutting thus producing cheaper DSLR's for people who can afford it and don't stare at the pixels in front of a screen all day. Horses for courses. If you think it's not god enough for you move on. 041b061a72


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