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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Tiny Teen Bikini Models

No one needs to travel to London or Sydney to find examples of ruler-thin models. In the current Harper's Bazaar, what catches a reader's eye in one full-page photo is not so much a $300 bikini, but rather the protruding pelvic bones of the model wearing it. And the May Vogue offers page after page of superthin models in string bikinis. The magazine touts their "mile-high thighs," while a cover headline teases, "Getting the body you want..."

tiny teen bikini models

Nearly all fashion-related magazines emphasize dieting and extreme physical perfection. Most worrisome of all, perhaps, are the subtle influences in teen magazines that could make young readers despair over normal bodies. In the current Sassy, even three paper dolls have wasp-waists. Elsewhere, newspaper ads for underwear, featuring thin models with tiny midriffs and full bosoms, send another difficult message: Be skinny and voluptuous. 041b061a72


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