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Ewurafua Ainooson

Pashto Arman Film Song Qarara Rasha Mp3

Pashto Arman Film Song Qarara Rasha Mp3

Qarara Rasha is a popular Pashto song that was featured in the 2012 film Arman, directed by Liaqat Ali Khan and starring Shahid Khan, Jahangir Khan, and Saba Gul. The song was sung by Ismail and Junaid, a duo of young Pashto singers who rose to fame with their debut song Qarar in 2011. Qarara Rasha is a romantic song that expresses the longing and passion of a lover for his beloved. The song has been praised for its catchy melody, poetic lyrics, and beautiful rubab playing by Farhan Bogra.

pashto arman film song qarara rasha mp3

The song Qarara Rasha has been widely popular among Pashto music lovers and has received millions of views on YouTube and SoundCloud. The song is also available for download on JioSaavn, where it is part of the album Qarara Rasha, which contains 10 other Pashto songs by Ismail and Junaid. The song has a duration of 4 minutes and 31 seconds and is composed in the raag Bhairavi, a classical Indian musical scale that is often used for romantic songs.

The lyrics of Qarara Rasha are written by Ismail and Junaid themselves and are based on the traditional Pashto poetry style of tappa, which consists of two unequal hemistiches. The first hemistich is shorter and rhymes with the second, which is longer and contains the main message of the poem. The lyrics of Qarara Rasha are rich in metaphors and imagery, such as comparing the beloved's face to an angel's, the lover's blood to wine, and the lover's heart to a castle. The chorus of the song consists of the phrase "O qarara rasha", which means "O serenity, embrace me" in Pashto. The song conveys the emotions of a lover who is restless and yearning for his beloved's presence and peace.

Qarara Rasha is one of the most successful songs of Pashto cinema and has been praised for its originality, quality, and appeal. The song has also been remixed by various artists, such as Rabia Tabassum, Amaan Ahmed, and Usman Mansoor. The song has also been translated into English by Shoaib Anwar, who also directed and edited the official music video of Qarar. The music video features Ismail and Junaid singing in a scenic location, interspersed with clips from the film Arman. The music video has been appreciated for its simplicity, elegance, and synchronization with the song.

Qarara Rasha is a song that showcases the talent, creativity, and culture of Pashto music and cinema. The song is a testament to the beauty and depth of Pashto language and poetry, as well as the skill and passion of Pashto singers and musicians. The song is a perfect example of how art can transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of people across the world.


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