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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

John Ayers
John Ayers

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Gargoyle !!HOT!!

A night has passed since the meeting at Club Maharani. Jasper (Alexander Ward) and Eva (Josephine McAdam) have fully healed their wounds and are preparing to deal with the gargoyle. They have arrived in the Labyrinth with their gargoyle hunting gear. Jasper has the anti-vampire gun stolen from the Second Inquisition, as well as a sledgehammer, while Eva brought two Essence of Air potions. They have been warded against both fire and other Kindred. Once they reach the black mirror, Jasper contacts Victor and lets them know what they are about to attempt. Eva uses Sense the Unseen, but there is no one hiding in the area. Jasper uses the shadow key to open the mirror and the entrance to the leyline room is open. Eva reveals that Gary Golden has informed her of the location of Maximillian Strauss' haven, which is a place called the Magic Castle. Jasper promises to destroy it if she falls in battle. Eva prepares a blast of Zeus' Fury and enters the antechamber beyond the mirror. Jasper uses Unseen Passage and follows her. Eva can see the leylines, but the gargoyle isn't around. It doesn't take long for the walls to start rippling, as a huge gargoyle enters the room and spreads its wings. It's still wounded from their last encounter.

vampire the masquerade bloodlines gargoyle


Jasper drops Unseen Passage and they attack as one. Jasper fires the anti-vampire gun and Eva blasts it with Zeus' Fury. The gun fires an explosive charge, causing a burst of flame to erupt in the room. Jasper and Eva pass the frenzy check as the gargoyle prepares its counterattack. The gargoyle strikes Jasper with a magical spike that erupts from the ground, but he avoids most of the damage before it beats its wings and sends Eva crashing into the wall.

Victor welcomes Eva, Jasper, and Katya to the club. Katya introduces herself as a friend of Eva and Jasper says she helped them with the gargoyle problem. Jasper asks Victor if they can talk in private. Jasper explains that Katya is Eva's sire and that the gargoyle was put down there by Garrick against orders, which is why he was ousted. Jasper explains the next issue - Eva attacked the Magic Castle and may have shattered the truce. Victor Googles the Magic Castle and the news reports say it was hit by an earthquake, but no one was hurt. Jasper returns the anti-vampire gun to Victor and confirms it works. Victor asks if Katya is here as Eva's sire or as an official representative of the Camarilla and Jasper doesn't know. He tells Victor that they returned his knife and Victor starts to suspect the gargoyle situation was planned by the Tremere all along to get in their good books. Victor says they need to prepare for Nelli's party and they pretend to be discussing flower arrangements as they return to the VIP room. Victor asks Katya if she is coming to Nelli's party, as members of the Camarilla are welcome. Katya declines and Eva and Jasper depart, under the guise of buying flowers for the event.

The subjugation of the town began slowly, with only one gargoyle arrivingat first. This first, a vampire known as Marie, had some mastery of Obfuscation, enabling her to pass as human. Posing as one of the peasants, she began to Dominate and blood bind large portions of the population. Withintwenty years, she had the entire settlement, some fifty people, subjected to her will. It was then that the Gargoyles sprang their trap. Under the cover of darkness, the rest of the Gargoyles arrived, bringing with them plague infested rats. One by one, the peasants became infected. Marie beganspreading panic throughout the community, saying those who died of the plague were damned, doomed to suffer eternity in flames. Susceptible to her will asthey were, the peasants were stricken with fear. That is when the Gargoylesrevealed themselves. So desperate were the peasants, they eagerly accepted theGargoyles' offer to cure them, not even minding the hideous visages of their saviors. The vampires began to blood bind them on a larger scale, ghouling each and every member of the community, and insuring they received a steady supply of Vitae. The peasants believed that without the blood they received from their saviors, that the plague would return again. Their masters did notargue.

Ventrue, Gangrel, Nosferatu, Tzimisce, Tremere, Lasombra, Pijavica, and Gargoyle bloodlines are currently available in this mod. All clans and their abilities stem from Caine, the "First Vampire" and his converted vampires "The Children of Caine". When the game is generated, these vampires are spawned in hidden lists and create a "generation tree history" with previous vampires throughout centuries.


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