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Andrew Stewart


Proximity marketing is all about marketing to your consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant and personalized notifications. It provides outstanding results for businesses in combination with the right advertising strategies and tools. Over the past year, we have seen a number of brands ranging from casinos to theme parks, opt-in to enhance their customer experience using proximity marketing technologies. Marketers across various verticals are now beginning to realize that proximity marketing offer enormous potential beyond merely delivering vouchers and coupons. These tools work best when they are used by brands to better understand the needs and wants of their customer base, as well as notable patterns in buying behaviour.



Proximity marketing with beacons involves setting up a Bluetooth enabled mobile device at a particular spot within the range of the beacon and passing information in the form of text, images or video via the respective mobile app. There are a number of must-haves required to employ this marketing technique. They are:

2. Permission request: For each Bluetooth enabled mobile device detected within the proximity range of the beacon, it will send requests to consumers seeking permission to communicate with their mobile device.

3. Content upload: Once the consumer grants permission, depending on how the app has been configured, it will then notify the consumer with an alert on the lock-screen, displaying the corresponding message. Tapping on the message opens the app, at a screen displaying personalized marketing messages including text, images, audio and video about products found at that spot chosen for the promotion or a complementary product found one aisle away.

As proximity marketing gains momentum and moves beyond trial stages, we will see brands go on to use beacons, NFC and QR codes to gather a rich collection of consumer data which in turn will enable brands to communicate better with their customers resulting in improved customer experience.

Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so.

Bluetooth, a short-range wireless system supported by many mobile devices, is one transmission medium used for proximity marketing. The process of Bluetooth-based proximity marketing involves setting up Bluetooth "broadcasting" equipment at a particular location and then sending information which can be text, images, audio or video to Bluetooth enabled devices within range of the broadcast server. These devices are often referred to as beacons. Other standard data exchange formats such as vCard can also be used. This form of proximity marketing is also referred to as close range marketing.

It used to be the case that due to security fears, or a desire to save battery life, many users keep their Bluetooth devices in OFF mode, or ON but not set to be 'discoverable'. Because of this, often regions where Bluetooth proximity marketing is in operation it is accompanied by advising via traditional media - such as posters, television screens or field marketing teams - suggesting people make their Bluetooth handsets 'discoverable' in order to receive free content - this is often referred to as a "Call-to-Action." A 'discoverable' Bluetooth device within range of the server is automatically sent a message asking if the user would like to receive the free content.

The continuously increasing use of smartphones and tablets has fueled a boom in Wi-Fi tracking technology, specially in the retail environment. Such technology can be used by managers of a physical business to ascertain how many devices are present in a given area, and to observe or optimize business marketing and management.

2. Use of antennas for the detection of signals in the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency bands, positioning the detected devices within strategic areas, in order to obtain a unique identifier about every mobile device is detected in such locations, and with the corresponding HTML5, iOS and Android SDKs integrated in any APP or Web, allowing interaction by proximity with the users through the mobile devices.

Assignment of the same unique identifier to tracking information obtained by the antennas, APP and Webs APIs remains a challenge, and allows to have both online and offline beviour information to optimize proximity communication campaigns in a non-intrusive way.

Near Field Communication (NFC) tags are embedded in the NFC Smart Poster, Smart Product or Smart Book. The tag has a RFID chip with an embedded command. The command can be to open the mobile browser on a given page or offer. Any NFC-enabled phone can activate this tag by placing the device in close proximity. The information can be anything from product details, special accommodation deals, and information on local restaurants.

Proximity Marketing Strategy using NFC Technology has been widely adopted in Japan and uses 'pull' rather than 'push' marketing allowing the consumer the choice of where and when they receive marketing messages.

There are a number NFC-enabled phones entering the market spurred by NFC mobile wallet trials globally. NFC wallets include the Google Wallet and ISIS (mobile payment system). While mobile payment is the driver for NFC, proximity marketing is an immediate beneficiary in-market.

Proximity Marketing via SMS relies on GSM 03.41 which defines the Short Message Service - Cell Broadcast. SMS-CB allows messages (such as advertising or public information) to be broadcast to all mobile users in a specified geographical area. In the Philippines, GSM-based proximity broadcast systems are used by select Government Agencies for information dissemination on Government-run community-based programs to take advantage of its reach and popularity (Philippines has the world's highest traffic of SMS). It is also used for commercial service known as Proxima SMS. Bluewater, a super-regional shopping centre in the UK, has a GSM based system supplied by NTL to help its GSM coverage for calls, it also allows each customer with a mobile phone to be tracked though the centre which shops they go into and for how long. The system enables special offer texts to be sent to the phone.

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Location-based marketing also gives retailers the opportunity to enrich the in-store shopping experience. Doing so is critical as consumers turn away from brick-and-mortar stores in favor of more convenient e-commerce. By using proximity marketing technology, stores can catch up by providing some of the perks of online shopping in person, like easy access to discounts, saved shopping lists and personalized recommendations. Beacons can also help shoppers navigate a big store or connect them to in-store customer service representatives when they need help.

Proximity marketing is more than just sending customers offers and promotions. The data you collect from customers can be used to re-target them to get them to continue doing business and eventually refer other customers. This way, customers see you as a partner vs. a business only interested in getting them to spend.

As an example, the Bank of Ireland (BOI) uses proximity-based messages to keep its customers informed. For customers at an airport, the BOI assumes that these customers are preparing to travel. In turn, the BOI sends messages with tips on how to use their bank account while travelling and special features available to them. This is extremely relevant and helpful because it prepares customers in advance in case of an emergency.

If you have noticed your brand in need of a new way to attract customers, you may want to look into proximity marketing. This useful and modern form of marketing is an excellent way for businesses to draw in local customers quickly and efficiently. And when done correctly, you are guaranteed to experience positive results that are sure to help your business grow.

Proximity Marketing is also known as location-based advertising. It is the wireless localised distribution of content used for advertising purposes. Using the latest technology, marketing experts can gather information from local ISPs to find out what products local customers wish to purchase.

Proximity marketing is one of the most reliable forms of advertising. It has helped many businesses draw in more local customers than any other method. You will have a chance to communicate directly with potential customers who have shown signs of being very interested in your products or services.

Proximity marketing can enhance the client experience like never before. Your marketing team has access to a unique and high-tech offline tool they can use to advertise your brand, and you have the option to improve your offline to online conversion rates.

Use the power of proximity marketing and personalisation with ads to create the perfect strategy for your latest products. By taking the time to analyse your advertising campaigns, you get to make improvements as needed to ensure your plan is as secure as possible.

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Leveraging proximity sensor technologies to deliver highly personalized customer experience is the next frontier of digital marketing. In-the-moment marketing is very effective when done with the correct context of location and time. It is therefore important for brands to understand the customer, locate them, and, deliver relavant marketing messgaes for maximum campaign effectiveness. 041b061a72


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