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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

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Nik Hdr Efex Pro 2 Crack

Hi,I have uploaded those for HDR Efex 2 et Color Efex is a temporary upload. These files might be removed after a week or two.120 months ago(permalink)

Samoreen you are correct that link is only for Silver Efex 2. Thanks for the link to the presets for color efex4 and HDR Pro 2. Hopefully Nik/Google will put these back on their website. can you do something about the presets?120 months ago(permalink)

facebook pages you might CommunitiesHDR FX ages all abilities - with differing levels of insight and expertise - come along and join? We'd be glad to have you :)Originally posted 120 months ago. (permalink) Jack Torcello edited this topic 101 months ago.

Samoreen:> I have uploaded those for HDR Efex 2 et Color Efex 4:>>'ll remove these files soon. Please download now if needed.119 months ago(permalink)

cadd:> can I ask what's probably a really stupid question but after > downloading these how do we use them in our own Nik software ?Be curious :-) , look at what happens when you click the Import button in the plugin instructions applies to all plugins.119 months ago(permalink)

We've just brought out our own range of Flypaper Nik color Pro efex presets, there are 84 and its 6USD for this week only! :-) months ago(permalink)


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...


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