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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

[S1E20] Someone To Watch Over Me

While Aria gives her bag of mementos to Emily for safekeeping in her locker, they overhear Caleb mysteriously speaking on the phone with someone, telling that person that something cannot happen that night. He keeps referring to "her," and it becomes clear after he mentions that he is living in her house that he means Hanna; the other person seems to be saying negative things, while Caleb is defending her. When he gets off the phone, Aria and Emily hide before Caleb can see them. The two interpret the phone conversation to mean that Caleb is talking to another girl in a romantic way. When they share their suspicions with Hanna at lunch, she is loathe to believe in his dishonesty. However, when Jenna walks into the lunch room wearing the owl around her neck, Hanna is devastated. She tries to text Caleb, but to no avail; he isn't responding.

[S1E20] Someone to Watch Over Me

Meanwhile, Claire is secretly taking Luke (Nolan Gould) to a child psychologist to assess his development because she is worried about him. Phil finds out about it and he is already there, surprising Claire. After the session is over, Claire and Phil are fighting about something Claire said to the psychologist; that she is afraid that Luke is turning into Phil. While they are fighting, they get into their cars to get back home, accidentally leaving Luke behind. Back home, while they are talking, they realize that they left Luke behind and they panic. On their way to go and find him, someone brings Luke back home by limousine. Listening to his story and how he managed to find someone to bring him back home, Claire says that he is an incredible kid and she should not be worried.

Applejack and Apple Bloom deliver the pies to their destination, to the complete delight of the Cajun ponies they're delivered to. Applejack apologizes to Apple Bloom for getting carried away while watching over her, adding that while she would face punishment from Granny Smith for sneaking out, Applejack would trust her completely to take care of herself again.

Mitchell and Cameron had been dropping by everybody's house to assess their in-laws in their natural environment for a simple reason: to amend their wills so someone would take care of Lily if, God forbid, something happened to them. They were at Jay and Gloria's house. Manny gave a rousing approval to the new French pressed coffee, so much better than drip ( JAY: I'm so happy you don't live in a tough neighborhood anymore), and Gloria was gaga over taking care of her granddaughter...although never thrilled being referred to as grandmother. Still, that was better than the trip to Phil and Claire's house, where Haley hoped the house would burn down, Phil almost made it do that with a burning pan, Alex was locked in the garage and still forgot the rat traps she was supposed to get, and Luke wanted to demonstrate his juggling prowess...with knives. Claire tells Mitchell to come back in seven years when they're all gone.

Later, when the remaining four away team members attempt to decompress deck 3, their own deck is decompressed. They barely make it out, but Commander Chakotay is hit by debris and loses consciousness. He is transported to sickbay. As they argue over whose fault it was, a mysterious figure watches them from hiding without their knowledge. 041b061a72


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