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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Running Man Ep 236 Eng Sub Downl __FULL__

And yet he dreamed. His eyes followed the fair unknown while sheentered the garden through a gateway of dense yews, and sped lightlyup the steps of a terrace adorned with other statues in marble andbronze. No doorway broke the pleasing uniformity of the south front,but she disappeared through an open window, swinging herself lightlyover the low sill. He went with her in imagination. Now she wascrossing a pretty drawing-room, now running upstairs to her room, nowdressing, possibly in white muslin, which, if Trenholme had thechoosing of it, would be powdered with tiny fleurs de lys, nowarranging her hair with keen [Pg 16]eye for effect, and now tripping downagain in obedience to a gong summoning the household to breakfast.

Running Man Ep 236 Eng Sub Downl

Here the detective had to advance with care. [Pg 279]Beneath the trees thedarkness was now so complete that it had that peculiar quality ofdensity which everyday speech likens to a wall. Cats, gamekeepers,poachers, and other creatures of predatory and nocturnal habits canfind and follow a definite track under such conditions; but detectivesare nearly human, and Furneaux was compelled to use the torch morethan once. He ran no risk in doing this. Hilton Fenley could not yetbe in a position to catch the gleam of light among the trees. The onething to avoid was delay, and Furneaux had gained rather than losttime, unless Fenley was running at top speed.

He was running while he talked, edging away toward the group ofcedars; and, under the conditions, [Pg 299]it was not for Trenholme toundeceive him as to the mistake in regarding the artist as RobertFenley. In any event, the appearance of Hilton from that part of thewood seemed to prove that the man whom the law was seeking could notbe in the same locality, so Trenholme did not hesitate to urge Sylviato fall in with her "cousin's" instructions.


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