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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Andrew Stewart
Andrew Stewart

Ls Land Issue 24 Future School =LINK=

9. contra scientism, it is essential to respect all of god's creation and his work of creation. the church teaches that the sustenance which the holy spirit gives to every being and to the worldincluding us men and womenis a gift from god, an expression of his unending love. every being is part of a single living organism, which god sustains, directs and governs. [10] consequently, we are all related to gods plan of creation. we are part of the earth, but the earth is a sign of the creators love. [11]

ls land issue 24 future school


19. anyone who denies gods creative power as set forth in the scriptures, who deliberately rejects his authorship of the whole of nature or his role in the creation of men and women, denies a basic fact of reality. however, when we affirm the truth of mans participation in creation, it does not necessarily follow that we must recognize the dominion of human freedom over the beings of nature. we must respect the truth of the scriptures as far as the whole of creation is concerned. this truth must guide our whole thought and allow us to reflect on the role of gods power in the relationship between nature and our lives.

the absolute dependence of everything we are on the one who created us, in his very life, within his revelation, makes us participate in his eternal life as well as in his creative power in the world. this participation is not on the basis of our own merit or of any merit on our part.

177. even when someone goes on to describe the environment as an output to be valued economically, it is not always clear whether this is done with a view to expanding or to restricting the economy. is it to be valued as an investment? in what way? this view takes the environment as one means to an end, though in a more environ-mental sense of ensuring the survival of humanity. ls land issue 24 future school 181. to safeguard the environment and to ensure that humanity survives is not to fall into the trap of the `limits to growth` ls land issue 24 future school 182. the human race, it is claimed, will reach its terminal point in the year 2000, leaving a mere 30 years for urgent action. yet given the kind of principles on which this report is based, the earth could continue in its current state to exist for a few billion years.


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