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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


Where To Buy Three Dog Bakery Treats LINK

1. Small Easter Basket With a Personalized BoneThis cute and colorful easy-to-grab Easter basket includes several delicious treats. Your furry friend is sure to love its personalized, crunchy and yogurt-/carob-dipped peanut butter bone. Or perhaps the chicken- or duck-flavored Plato Thinkers jerky sticks! This box also contains foil-wrapped dipped classic cremes and three decorated cutout egg cookies. All treats included in this basket contain wheat and vegetable-tinted yogurt icing. You can even select which color you would like for the personalized bone. Treats last two to three weeks at room temperature.

where to buy three dog bakery treats

3. Soft Treat BoxThis box of curated soft treats will help your furry friend get through the quarantine! It contains four sets of three soft cookies; you can choose from either blueberry or peanut butter for the flavor. The Soft Treat Box also includes three yogurt-dipped crandoodle cookies and one set of dipped classic cremes. All the treats in this box contain flour. Some of the treats are decorated with either yogurt icing or carob, both of which are specially formulated for dogs.

4. Crunchy Big Dog BoxThis box of premium dog treats includes two sets of peanut butter rollovers, two peanut butter beg-als, two dipped classic cremes, two sets of cheese Fetch It sticks, two sets of savory Rrribs, and three sets of peanut butter Dipped Delights. Our Three Dog Bakery dog treat delivery service will ensure your pup has what it needs to get through quarantine!

Social media users! If you take a picture of your adorable pups loving their Three Dog Bakery fare, please share it with other dog lovers using the hashtag #threedogbakerystpete or tag @ThreeDogBakeryStPete. Plus, like Three Dog Bakery St. Pete on Facebook to keep up with upcoming events and promotions. 041b061a72


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